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Each month we will bring you a new featured solution to provide your business or organization with the best telecommunications services possible.  Be sure to check here regularly, or follow us on Twitter to stay informed of all the products and services we offer!

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Get To Know SD-WAN

Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solutions from One View & WAN Dynamics utilize best-of-breed solutions from top SD-WAN providers such as VeloCloud, Big Leaf and Talari to deliver custom-integrated cloud-ready enterprise grade WAN solutions that maintain the highest performance levels, while reducing costs by 50% or more.

Give us a call today to learn more about SD-WAN solutions from WAN Dynamics!

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Viewing The George V. Voinovich Bridge

We recently worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation, supplying and installing mechanical surveillance cameras for the George V. Voinovich Bridge project.

These cameras are taking time lapse video to document the project, and once complete, will show the construction of the bridge from beginning to end. In addition, our cameras can also be viewed by the public to watch the progress of the bridge being built!

The George V. Voinovich Bridge camera project is a perfect example of the ways One View Communications provides innovative solutions to our clients.

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Unified Communications

This month’s featured solution centers on our unified communication services, which leverage the power of VoIP to bring your communications together into one integrated environment. Your end users can easily master our business communication tools, and at the simple touch of a button, a phone call can easily become a multimedia collaboration session.

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Hosted IP PBX

Hosted IP PBX form One View is a business-grade phone service that provides you with a robust, low-cost enterprise voice solution, replacing costly PBX or Centrex service - with the flexibility and durability of Voice over IP. With One View, your company can change its communications financial model, meeting your communications needs at significant cost savings.

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Introducing Cloud PBX

Ideal for businesses from 5 to 10,000 seats, One View’s Cloud PBX comes standard with enterprise class features that are robust enough to support the complex needs of large businesses, yet simple to manage for businesses of all sizes.

Desk phone, computer or smartphone, stay connected with Cloud PBX from One View!

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Hosted Contact Center

Hosted contact center platforms are poised to take the lead over their legacy counterparts, soon - and for good reasons. They’re more flexible in the communication modalities they support, they come with more features, and they often cost less than in-house systems. On-premises systems just can’t compete…

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Fiber Internet

Unquestionably, fiber delivers upload and download speeds much faster than broadband and copper based Internet service. Fiber Internet is a solution which can combine data and voice services which 'ride' on the fiber. It also provides reliable high-speed access to the cloud.

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Tue Sep 15 14:58:38 +0000 2015

Introducing Cloud PBX from One View! Cloud PBX comes with the features you need, and the telephony savings you want: http://t.co/KWtVHWxHtG
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